Friday, July 20, 2012

Supply Chain Risk Management Standard

Technical Reviewers Needed

ASIS International is a professional society focused on security matters and based out of Alexandria, VA. They have formed a technical committee to write a new US (ANSI) standard on supply chain risk management. I am a member of that committee, representing ASQ interests.

Our task is to take an existing draft and turn it into something for all to use. The draft was produced a year ago by the Supply Chain Risk Leadership Council. It was based on the principles of ISO 31000, the international standard on risk management. It is a practitioner's guide to supply chain risk management and associated processes.

The technical committee of about 70 people is charged with performing a critical review of the draft and providing detailed comments by August 10. We anticipate several hundred of these comments, which will be examined, collated and dispositioned by a much smaller working group in late August. (Because of existing commitments, I will not participate on the working group.) Depending on their output, the new draft may proceed towards an approved standard or it may be subjected to another round of comments. The finished ANSI/ASIS standard will NOT be used for certification. It will provide best practices for all organizations, large and small, to consider for their use.

If you would like to help me in my review, please contact me by e-mail immediately. In your request, please indicate your agreement to:

  1. Protect the draft document and not distribute it further,
  2. Return your comments to me by the last day in July

Additionally, I need your assurance that you have read and understand the principles contained within ISO 31000. (I may send you a little quiz before I send you the draft document.) I want to make sure we are not providing comments that would conflict with an existing and accepted international standard.

You do not need to be a member of the ASQ Customer-Supplier Division, but I expect you to have an understanding of standard supplier quality engineering practices.

Dennis Arter (


Barton Wilson said...

Wow! This seems to be a really great opportunity. It's really important that applicants must be familiar with the standards of quality management in order to assure that the manpower entering into the company will help the company rise and not pull it down.
Barton Wilson

Dennis Arter said...

The new standard has been approved and will be available for purchase about June 1, 2014. The name will be ANSI/ASIS SCRM-001:2014, Supply Chain Risk Management Standards: A Compilation of Best Practices.

It is quite thorough and practical. I have encouraged ASQ to carry the standard in their catalog as well.